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Icelandic Creativity Unleashed

Harvesting creativity: The's global impact in music, virtual reality, and geo-mindcrafted artistry, rooted in Iceland's peaceful history

The (CCA) is an Icelandic-based internet community launched to harvest and nurture intelligence and curiosity in a world where technology and creativity are evolving into new paradigms that span music, virtual reality and geo-mindcrafted dimensionality. CCA Co-founders: Icelandic member of Parliament Jacob Frimann Magnusson and Author and CCA Co-Founder Guy Garcia have spot-lit producers and artists at the Icelandic Airwaves Conference and Musical Festival.

Why Art? In Place of War

Why Art? In Place of War

In Place of War is a global organization that uses creativity as a tool for positive change, hope, opportunity and freedom. In Place of War has worked with musicians and artists from local communities in 26 countries across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa with the goal of using art and music to connect and  change-maker artists and cultural leaders. Inspired by camaraderie and creative thinking that transcends national borders, In Place of War CEO Ruth Daniel is exploring possibilities with well-known artists in Iceland and beyond.

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